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Welcome to Euro Immigration Consultant, the largest Toronto based Licensed Canadian Immigration, Foreign Education Consulting and Visa firm in Pakistan. With head office in Toronto, Canada, we have  company owned and managed offices in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. Since 2002, we have been helping and facilitating eligible aspirants for Immigration, Foreign education and visa mattes. Since our inception, we have helped and facilitated over 25000 clients. At Euro Immigration Consultants, we offer Professional services and consultation for all areas of Canadian Immigration, Foreign Education for leading Study abroad destinations and Visa Consultation for several countries.

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About the CEO:

Euro Immigration Consultant is spearheaded by Mr. Ahmad Junaid Salik, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, based in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Salik has two decades of experience in Immigration & Visa Consulting. He himself virtually manages the operations of all his four offices in Pakistan and gives consultation to clients who retain services of Euro Immigration Consultants for their Immigration, Foreign Education visa consultation matters.

Member ICCRC

Mr. Ahmad Junaid Salik is a RCIC and Member in good Standing of ICCRC # R509291 since 2013


Mr. Ahmad Junaid Salik is a Qualified Education Agent counsellor for Australia since 2007

Certified Agents-British Council

Mr. Junaid is a British Council Trained Agent in 2002 & 2005 and Certified with distinction in Pakistan the first ever Agents training in 2007.

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We have dedicated & separate Counselling and processing teams for Immigration, visas & Admissions in foreign universities. Contact us now and our dedicated team members will be happy to serve you.


The staff at Euro consultant was extremely helpful in arranging visa for my mom , who had already been refused three times by the canadian embassy . I was helped in every step by the professional staff here in toronto and in Islamabad too .
I would highly recommend anyone applying for a visa to consult them before proceeding

Royem Ali

My post graduate work permit was about to end and i was conditioning myself into having to leave and then apply for a PR from outside of Canada. Mr Juneid found a solution for me and here I am, still in Canada.

Bibi Sarah Kadeer

I have been in Pakistan in 2016 and my daughter back in Canada was suffering from serious health issues . The prev consultant told me that mysponsorship isn’t possible and I had made my mind about it until I met Junaid Salik from Euro Consultant.
Let me tell you straightaway that he not only filed my case, got it approved and also got me visit Visa in the mid of the process for 5 years (multi entry) because of which I went to visits my daughter last year. Getting visitor visa when the case is up has been impossible thing but thankfully with his guidance I got it.
If you want a trustworthy and reliable immigration consultancy then there isn’t anyone better than Euro.

Arbab Iftikhar

I used the services of Euro Consultants for my wife’s tourist visa application. We were successful in getting the application approved, although we expected that it might bea difficult case because of prior Schengen visa refusal. Ahmad Salik the CEO was very professional, knows what is required for a successful application, and is a very helpful consultant. I highly recommend the services of Euro Consultants Canada to anyone applying for any type of Canadian visa.

Brian Fawcett

Hello, my name is Humayun ir rashid and i had hired services of Euro consultants and through there great efforts finally i got admisson in Masters program and successfully got my visa, I am very thankful to the CEO , Mr. JUNAID AHMED SALIK, he is a very nice althogh he is very busy but for clients he is always there for help.
Had a great experience with Euro consultants.

Humayun Ur Rashid


Can every consultant assist with Canadian Immigration and Visas?

No, Canadian laws authorize only the following persons to assist with Canadian immigration and visa process for a fee: Lawyers in Canada who are members of law society of a Canadian province Notaries in Quebec who are member in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Québec; Members in good standing of ICCRC

What is ICCRC?

ICCRC is the regulator of Immigration Consultants in Canada, duly authorized by the laws of Canada

How can I check whether a consultant is licensed by ICCRC?

You can check status of a consultant on ICCRC website https://iccrc-crcic.ca/find-a-professional/

Why I should hire the professional services of a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant?

hy I should hire the professional services of a licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant? Licensed Canadian immigration Consultants are members in good standing of ICCRC. They have completed a course of Canadian Immigration law & practice from a recognized college in Canada They have qualified Full skills exam of ICCRC They keep their Canadian immigration knowledge updated by taking minimum of 16 hours of training in each calendar year.

What benefits I will get if I retain Euro Immigration Consultants?

Euro Immigration Consultants is headed by Mr. Ahmad Junaid Salik, who is member in good standing of ICCRC since 2013 and has been practicing Canadian Immigration in Canada since then He has been practicing International immigration since 2002. He has vast experience of Canadian & international immigration and successfully dealt with cases in all categories of Canadian Immigration. He is a professional consultant and works himself devotedly on client files. He is highly knowledgeable due to his vast experience, of Canadian immigration.

How are Euro Immigration Consultants different from others?

Euro Immigration Consultants is a renowned name in six continents for two decades. It is a well established company with head office in Toronto, Canada and four company operated international offices outside Canada. There is a team of trained and experienced staff spearheaded by Mr. Ahmad Junaid Salik Euro Immigration Consultants is focused on success for clients and works for the best interest of its clients.

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we offer Professional services and consultation for all areas of Canadian Immigration.