Foreign Nationals and Canadian Permanent Residents can appeal decisions of IRCC in IRB-Immigration and Refugees Board of Canada in the following categories:


Foreign nationals who have applied for their Permanent Residence of Canada under the spousal sponsorship category, Parents & Grandparents or dependent children category, can appeal the refusal decision in the IAD-Immigration Appeal division of IRB. 


Canadian Permanent Residents whose PR has been revoked due to residency obligation or some other reason, can appeal the decision in IAD. 


Canadian Permanent Residents and Foreign Nationals can be declared inadmissible under one of the inadmissibility factors as mentioned in section 34-42 of IRPA:

  • A34. Security
  • A35. Human or International Rights violation
  • A36. Serious criminality
  • A37. Organized criminality
  • A38. Health
  • A39. Financial
  • A40. Misrepresentation
  • A41. Non-compliance with 
  • A42. Inadmissible family member

If you have received a letter from IRCC with any of the above-mentioned factors, you can contact us. 

Why Choose Euro Immigration Consultant / Ahmad Junaid Salik for Your Appeal Process?

  1. Mr. Salik is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and Member in good standing of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) since 2013 , Member # R 509291. 
  2. He is authorized to represent clients in the IAD of IRB for their appeal process.
  3. Mr. Salik is experienced in IAD appeals and has a successful track record in IAD appeals. 
  4. He is based in Toronto Canada and is abreast of the latest developments in Canadian immigration policies and programs through training offered by IRCC, IRB, CBSA, ESDC, Provincial Immigration departments, and other government of Canada departments. 
  5. Mr. Salik has diversified experience in dealing with clients of different nationalities. 
  6. Mr. Salik himself compiles and submits client visa applications that minimize any error and omission changes in client files. 
  7. By retaining him as your Immigration Counsel, you have the peace of mind that you are in safe hands. 


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