Immigration Issues:

Immigration Issues:

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Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents who sponsored their spouse or common-law partner outside Canada and whose application has been refused can appeal the decision in IAD (Immigration Appeal Division) of IRB (Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada).

Being a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, we can assist and represent you in filing your appeal at IAD.

Appeals are normally filed when there is an error in law or fact or both in the decision rendered by the Visa Officer.

If your Sponsorship application has been refused by the visa officer, you can contact us for a review of your refusal letter and advice about either appealing the decision or reapplying.


Canadian Permanent Residents are required to live 730 days in Canada in last 5 years. If you failed to fulfil your residency obligation, your departure order would be issued. You can appeal the decision in IAD. This appeal will put a hold on your departure order.

For your appeal filing, You need an experienced counsel to draft your appeal on legal grounds and legal case citations and represent you before IAD.

Only an experienced and smart immigration counsel can help you with your appeal compilation and at hearing at Immigration Appeal Division of Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada.

At Euro Immigration Consultants we are experienced and authorized to represent clients at IAD. We have successfully helped several clients in the appeals and saved them from deportation. Contact us and discuss your case. We will do level best to help you save your PR status in Canada.


If your temporary resident visa of Canada has been refused, we can help you fix the matter. As per our standard procedures, we will apply for your GCMS notes and see the actual reasons of refusal and comments of the visa officer. After satisfying the objections and other deficiencies in your application, we will compile your visa application with our two decades of experience and reapply with maximized visa chances.


Foreign nationals when apply for a visa, may receive a procedural fairness letter from Canadian Embassy requesting a clarification for any doubts they have over the application or a document submitted with the application. It is your chance to respond and clarify your position before the visa officer will refuse your application and may ban you from applying for any type of Canadian visa for 5 years.

This reply is very crucial and your only chance to clarify the doubts and objections that the visa officer has over your application. If you have applied for the visa application yourself without the guidance and consultation of a licensed and experienced Canadian Immigration Consultant or Canadian Lawyer, it is most likely that your application will be turned down.

In order to avoid and refusal, you are strongly advised to retain an experienced counsel to assist you with drafting of reply to immigration officer.

An experienced and licensed Canadian immigration counsel knows what is exactly required by the visa officer, what are the legal requirements, the official language, what has to be addressed and responded to.

Remember this is your only chance to avoid refusal.

Don’t take a chance by responding yourself.


Canadian Permanent Residents abroad who can not return to Canada due expired or lost Permanent Resident Card can apply for Permanent Resident Travel Document from the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate.

The Permanent Resident is required to satisfy the conditions of PRTD.

If you are facing such a problem, we can assist and represent you in getting your PRTD in order to return to Canada. 


Canadian Permanent Residents are issued PR card with which they can travel back to Canada. This card is valid upto 5 years or less from the date of issue. Permanent Residents are required to spend 730 days in Canada as part of their residency obligation. Spouse and children of Canadian Citizens, if living abroad with Canadian citizen, are considered to be living in Canada and fulfil their residency obligation.

If you have fulfilled your residency obligation, you can apply for renewal of your PR card. There is no restriction on the number of renewals and you can continue to remain a PR through your life, without ever applying for Canadian citizenship.

At Euro Consultants, We can help you with your PR Card Renewal Application. It may take upto 6 months for your card to be processed for renewal

7. Passport Renewal / First-time Application:

  • Are you Applying for a Canadian Passport first time or Renewal?
  • Whether you are inside or outside Canada
  • Do you need assistance with the Passport application form fill-up and the required documentation?

We at Euro Immigration Consultant can help you with your Passport Application in the following ways:

  • Select the appropriate Passport form
  • Fill the form with your provided information as per the requirements
  • Help you compile the application with the required documents
  • Post the application to the respective office


Canadian citizens whose children are born outside Canada, need to apply for Proof of citizenship for their children. As per the First generation rule, children born to Canadian citizens outside Canada have the right to apply for Canadian citizenship.

We help you compile the Application and supporting documents and submit them to the relevant IRCC office outside Canada. They will be sent to the processing office in Canada. The entire process can take 8-12 months.

With their proof of Citizenship, a passport application for the child can be submitted to the nearest IRCC office.


Foreign Nationals, inside or outside Canada, who are otherwise ineligible to come to Canada or remain in Canada, but are required to enter and/or stay in Canada due to some valid reasons or circumstances, can apply for a TRP. A TRP is normally issued for up to 2 years during which the applicant is allowed to work by a separate permit while his/her family members may study or work in Canada. 

Why Choose Euro Immigration Consultant / Ahmad Junaid Salik for Your Canadian Immigration Application?

  1. Mr. Salik is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and Member in good standing of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) since 2013 , Member # R 509291. 
  2. He is also a licensed Immigration Consultant and Recruiter for SINP-Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program since 2014, Member # 000090.  In addition he is also authorized to submit applications and represent clients before all other provinces of Canada, other than Quebec. 
  3. Mr. Salik has two decades of Canadian and International Immigration experience.
  4. He is based in Toronto, Canada and is abreast of latest developments in Canadian immigration policies and programs through training offered by IRCC, IRB, CBSA, ESDC, Provincial Immigration departments and other government of Canada departments. 
  5. Mr. Salik has diversified experience of dealing with clients of different nationalities. 
  6. His success rate in handling Permanent Residence applications is 100% due to his in-depth knowledge of Canadian Immigration law and policies, experience and dedicated working on client files. 
  7. Mr. Salik himself compiles and submits client visa applications that minimize any error and omission chances in client files. The team in Regional offices in Pakistan only offers front end facilitation secretarial assistance in the compilation of visa applications.
  8. By retaining him as your Immigration Counsel, you have the peace of mind that you are in safe hands. 
  9. His trained and experienced team in Pakistan offices offers you front-end facilitation for your Canadian immigration Process, thus you get services of a Toronto based immigration firm right in your hometown and at your home through our online and virtual services.  


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