Legal Structure

Euro Immigration Consultants is a Private limited company registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan and Federal Bureau of Revenue. 

Euro Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd.  is a branch of Euro Consultants Canada Inc. 


Our Vision: 

To be a leading Immigration, Visa and Foreign Education Consulting firm processing over 1000 Corporate & individual client files every year. 

Our Mission: 

To help people achieve their career goal through Immigration and Study Abroad. 

Our Goal:                                                                                                                

To achieve our mission and fulfill our vision, we have three strategic goals:

Goal 1: To education people about the requirements of immigration to Canada, Australia, UK and USA

Objective 1.1: Enhance decision making skills of clients so that they can make informed decision about their future


  1. Conduct orientation seminars
  2. Publish promotional material about our services
  3. Post articles on Social Media.

Objective 1.2: Enhance awareness about the legitimate, authorized and certified consultants so that clients can be saved from unqualified and unscrupulous agents


  1. Introduce regulatory bodies and Professional certifications during orientation seminars
  2. Add a paragraph in Promotional material about licensing requirements.
  3. Publish articles on social media

Goal 2: To Educate and help students for their admission in a foreign university and visa application preparation

Objective 2.1: Help Students make an informed decision about the choice of course, institution and country.


  1. Conduct information seminars in educational institutions
  2. Post information material on social media
  3. Individual counselling sessions with students

Objective 2.2: Provide complete assistance to students for their admission and visa file preparation.


  1. Process admission application
  2. Visa file preparation