Study in USA   

    Client Advisor’s Information Sheet 


Official Name 

  • United States of America 



  • Federation of 52 states 


Type Government  

  • Presidential system 



  • US Dollar 



  • 3500 million ( 35 crore 



  • Washington DC 



  • Southern part of Continent North America (below Canada) 


Types of Education Institutions 

  • High Schools – High School Diploma 
  • Community Colleges-Associate Degree ( 3 years after grade 12)  
  • Public and Private Universities (Bachelor(4 years)  & Master Degree(1.5-2 years) 



English Test Acceptable 

  • IELTS / TOEFL ibt 


Required English Level 

  • Undergraduate: IELTS6.0 / TOEFL ibt 72 ( some colleges accept low TOEFL as well) 
  • Graduate: 6.0-6.5 / TOEFL ibt 92 + 


Admission Requirements 

  • All Academic Documents ( Transcript + Diploma) 
  • Passport Copy 
  • 2 Academic references 
  • High CGPA may be required by big universities 


Admission Process 

  • Get our agreement signed by the client 
  • Scan all documents  
  • Collect initial Consultancy fee (US$350) in cash or cheque in the name of Euro Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd.  
  • Deposit consultancy fee in MCB a/c # 0914357701003671  
  • Admissions team in Country office will process admission application 
  • University / college application may apply (US$100-150) 
  • University will issue I-20  




  • Some scholarships available in universities 



  • Admission Processing in Universities / community colleges/ Private colleges/Schools 



  • SEVIS( Students Exchange Visitor Information System ) Fee US$200 to be paid after receiving I-20 before filing  





Bank Statement Requirement 

  • Tuition fee + Living expenses for one year 
  • Average Tuition Fee: US$10,000-20,000 per year  
  • Living Expenses: US$10000 per year  
  • Advise clients open a US$ bank account to avoid issues of currency fluctuation 
  • Required funds must be in the account for over 3 months or proof of source of funds  
  • No savings certificates of National Savings centre  acceptable. Only bank statement from a regular bank.  
  • The applicant’s funds must be:  
  • In the form of cash funds:  
  • held in an account owned by the applicant or by their parent or guardian  
  • The evidence must show the applicant has:  
  • the funds to meet the maintenance requirement  
  • No transaction allowed after minimum required balance is maintained 
  • Both Bank statement & Bank letter on official bank letterhead are required. 
  • Bank loans issued as Academic or Educational Loan Scheme are also acceptable. 
  • accounts or financial instruments such as shares, bonds, and pension funds are not acceptable even where a period of notice is provided .


Immigration Department 

US Department of State 


Visa Fee 

Visa Fee: US$125  


Visa Requirements 

  • Academic Documents verified by board, IBCC and HEC 
  • Sponsor (Parents, brother, sister) Affidavit of support 
  • Student’s birth certificate 
  • FRC ( Family Registration Certificate) 
  • Sponsor’s job/Business documents 
  • Sponsor’s tax documents 
  • Proof of tuition fee payment 

Tally I20 details with student’s particulars, in case of any disparity, inform university about it. Ideally get I20 checked by the student as well. 


Visa Process 

  • Apply for Visa through the website above  
  • Donot Mention Euro Consultants in the form.  
  • Online form is filled up, appointment date and time selected and visa fee paid online with our debit card.  
  • Visa form/Confirmation page print is taken, required documents attached and file is handed over to client to take for interview.  
  • Interview is must for all US visa applicants  
  • We will prepare student for an interview.  
  • After Interview student gets visa.  
  • In case of refusal, reapply  


Consulting Fee 

US$1000 ($350 )upon signing retainer agreement, $650 when handing over the visa file) ( 


Bank Account Details 

Euro Immigration Consultants Pvt. Ltd A/C # 0914357701003671 


Part Time Job- 

  • On campus part time permitted after 6 months  


Visa Guidelines 

A US student visa applicant must:  

• be a genuine student  

• No gaps in studies 

Gap after graduation /Master acceptable